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Aug. 4th, 2004 @ 01:39 pm REVIEWING THE BASICS
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Hey kickballers, just thought I'd review the basics for all the new people, or as a refresher for veterans!

* * *


We've established that the ideal team size is roughly 6-8 people...at least as long as we're playing on the T-ball diamond. If we move to the bigger field, it'd probably be fine to accomodate a few more. But there's also nothing to say we can't have a few people on the bench for an inning and let people take turns in the field and at bat. We have yet to have the big turn-out we thought we might but we do have two balls so if need be, we can get two games going at once if the numbers dictate it.


Everyone seems to have the rules down by now--basically, it's like baseball, only you kick a goofy-looking oversize ball. You can also get runners out by hitting them with the ball while they run between bases. There are, however, a few particulars worth pointing out:

a) no leading off the bases
b) no blocking runners (aka 'zone defence')
c) kicking the ball in from the outfield is permitted--however, in order to get a runner out, the ball must be thrown
d) no throwing the ball at someone's head or groin
e) maximum 10 runs scored per inning, except for the final inning
f) the pitcher cannot bounce the ball into the batter
g) no bunting (meaning, the ball has to go a reasonable distance when you kick it)
h) teams should be as co-ed as possible

If there are any others, we'll post 'em up here. If you're really keen, these are the "official WAKA rules": http://www.worldkickball.com/WAKA_KICKBALL_RULES.pdf


I know we've maintained the whole time that this game requires no skill, but over the last few weeks we've figured out a few things and I figure we'll pass them on.

a) booting the ball high in the air looks cool and feels good, but odds are it'll get caught and you'll be out. keeping it relatively low to the ground means a better chance of getting on base.

b) outfielders take note--it's easier to get the ball back into play by kicking it than throwing it from way the hell out there

c) actually hitting someone with the ball is actually kinda tough--nevertheless, it's easier to get people out once they got on base than by catching it. (not really a tip, more of an observation.)


In a short time, Monday Night Kickball has become one of my favourite parts of the week...and by the looks of things, I'm not the only person who feels this way. I'd like to see this get even bigger (as I'm sure you've heard me declare at the post-game soirees) but I also don't want it to lose the friendliness it's got right now. We'd love all the input we can get, so let either of us know your thoughts/suggestions/complaints. KICKBALL FOREVER!
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